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Продаются гидравлический пресс для производствабруса. Длина пресса 37 м.

Пресс двухсторонный (2х37 м).

Клееные брусья/древесину можно при надобности разделит на три 12,3 метровых ламель или шесть 6,1 метровых ламель

Стоимость 29 000 евро +транспорт из Финляндий

The line has been used to manufacture for example the roof beams of the ice rink in Oulu.
The line is 37 meters long and has two lanes for a total length or beam at a time of 74 meters.
The maximum thickness of the laminated beams is 150 cm. The line weighs about 50 tonnes.
The operation is hydraulic. The line is starting to age but is still fully functional.
Price ( 37 m. line ): 29 000 € , VAT 0%+transport

The line may also be split into shorter sections and sold separately in at least 6.1 meter long sections.

The line may for example be split into two 18.5 meters long, three 12.3 meters long, or six 6.1 meters long sections.


- 18.5 meters: 15 000€, VAT 0%+transport

- 12.3 meters: 10 000€, VAT 0%+transport

- 6.1 meters: 5000€, VAT 0%+transport

UAB “Pavesines”

Ąžuolyno str.116, Mažeikiai , Lithuania

Mob: 00370 - 620 - 76026 ( English speaking )


With this line one can laminate smooth or shaped boards (ex. 12mm thick)
with 2 sides est. 1500m2/8hours/2 workers.

2-sided gluing unit with 4 rollers and pressurized air clamping. Rollers
make it easy to spread 80g-200g/m2 water-based glues. Maximum width of the
piece 1500mm. In front of this there is a 1500kg lifting table with automated
height setting and pneumatic feeding unit. For boards 4mm thick and up. Also a
holding place for 2 sets of boards before the feeding table.

Price 145 000 €, or the best offer.